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Payment PLAN

Payment plan describes the process by which Holistic Training Centre pay system builder for the system building they have achieved in personally and in team. Our payment plan limits the number of position downlines to four i.e. You can add four students under you as junior. But you can register unlimited juniors for others position downlines. The Prayment in our system building is mostly based on the registration and team building income. It is calculated based on the personal and team effort. This improves teamwork and collaboration.

1. Registration Income (22-26%)
  • Registration Income for certificate 20%, diploma 22%, degree 23%, masters 24% and graduate 26%.
  • Registration Income means when you invite guests to Higher Practical Theology education, Christian personal development training, and service building work.
  • Registration Income=Number of Student XStudent Program PointsXYour Registration Bonus

Weekly And Monthly Registration Income

Program Type Registration Income Weekly Income (ETB) Monthly Income (ETB)
-Diploma 4 DIploma X50PTsX0.22(%)X52 2,288 ETB 2,288X4=9,152 ETB
=Graduate 4 Diploma X50PTsX0.26(%)X52 2,704 ETB 10,816 ETB
-Diploma 4 DegreeX100PTsX0.22(%)X52 4,576 ETB 18,304 ETB
=Graduate 4 DegreeX100PTsX0.26(%)X52 5,408 ETB 21,632 ETB
-Diploma 4 MastersX200PTsX0.22(%)X52 9,152ETB 36,608 ETB
=Graduate 4 MastersX200PTsX0.26(%)X52 10,816 ETB 43,264 ETB
-Diploma 4 MastersX300PTsX0.22(%)X52 13,728 ETB 54,912 ETB
=Masters 4 MastersX300PTsX0.26(%)X52 16,224 ETB 64,896 ETB
2. Team Income (11-15%)
  • Team income for certificate 2%, diploma 11%, degree 12%, masters 13% and graduate 15%.
  • Team income is a income you receive based on the your juniors work.
  • 1 match means 100PTs on one leg and 100 PTs on other leg. Example 2 diploma on 1 leg and 2 diploma on other, 1 degree on 1 leg and 1 degree on other.
  • You can have more than one match per week. One big Leg Points can be matched with many legs 100 PT each in the same week. Unmatched Points are carried forward for the next week to be matched.
  • Team Income=team building bonusXnumber of matchX100.

Team Income

Program Type Team Income Weekly Income (ETB)
Diploma 0.11(%)X10 Match X100X52 5,720 ETB
Degree 0.12(%)X10 MatchX100X52 6,240 ETB
Masters 0.13(%)X10 MatchX100X52 6,760 ETB
Graduate 0.15(%)X10 MatchX100X52 7,800 ETB