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A Service Provider buys training levels Primary(Diploma), Secondary(Degree), Tertiary(Masters), Quaternary(Trainee) and has a private online office. They use this to create a network by inviting others to join these training levels.

Holistic Bible College encompasses education, research, and a training center. The education segment offers diploma, degree, and master's programs. The Holistic Training Centre, an extension of the college, specializes in personal development and practical theology training.

Holistic Bible College holds accreditation from ECGBC, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education recognized by employers and other academic institutions.

Yes, the personal data, phone, address can be changed through Campus network support staff except bank account number can be done via written letter in online or office subscription..

A Referral ID serves as the identifier of a leader who enrolls trainees for opportunities in personal development training, education, and building of services.

Upon the enrollment of a new member within the matrix under a direct downline member, the service providor will receive the direct upline ID as the position ID. This is because the newly sponsored member is not directly placed under the referral upline.

The members above this particular member are known as upline members and those who are beneath this member are known as downline members.

There are many categories of services and values available in Holistic Training Centre and few among them are higher education, Christian personal development training, service building, awards etc.

There are no sponsor member limits and one can sponsor and manage unlimited downlines. With more members, the sponsor earns more bonuses and commissions.

If business company is directly marketing their products to customers then its network marketing and if the service builder is recruiting guests to services then it’s service building. Basically, this is the difference between these two terms.

You can calcel your network ownership directly by applying letter in online or in face. Not only this yoou have right to transfer ownership right to other person according to Holistic directive.